Monday, May 4, 2009

Kelis and Nas....... and Divorce..... :o(

OK, so all day the only thing i have been seeing is this KELIS and NAS divorce thing! I tried to ignore it though its obviously true..... and when i saw divorce papers they made me cringe!!! For two reasons:

1, They were Hot Damn FABULOUS!!! they were one of the first DECENT black hip hop couples that I both respected and had on my ipod. They were cute together, drama free and seemed so happy..... they could almost convince you that there really was such thing as a happy ending.

2, They kept most of their ish private and kept it 100! Plus lets face it they looked good together and don't really deserve this kind of a breakup...... it just seems so messy and sordid!!

Anyhu i suppose the reality of being a superstar kicked in and...... the shit hit the fan! It appears that KELIS filed for the divorce after her and Nas could no longer hold it together due to the sex tape of Kelis and a nameless DJ was leaked (which she says was made before they were together.... and I believe her). I haven't seen the vid and obv would not want to..... I don't understand why anyone would do leak a video like that or even put it out there, when its clearly only going to have a destructive effect on peoples lives?? At least with Paris Hilton there was no way people could lose any more respect for her...... thus the release of that tape was totally beneficial to her!

Here's the thing.... it seems like this sex tape is one of the main reasons that they are having to get divorced..... thus one can legitimately assume that if SOME people were not soooo cruel and self centered and ........... evil (yea, that describes it) then maybe the child she is expecting could have grown up in a much different world to the one he/she will be welcomed into on July 21st (date she expected to have the lil sprog)

Its like........... their whole "irreconcilable" difference is the tape cos its caused Nas so much embarrassment but the thing is........ if its in the past and its out there already what difference does it make??? Seriously..... you already married her, you are going to have a child with her..... you will HAVE to accept that she will be connected to you through your child for the rest of your life..... like why can't you just let the past be the past and get over it??? Listen guys..... if ur wifey made a sex tape but has done 100 million good things since and your relationship is LIGE (legitimate for those not with the London slang) then why are you holdin it against her???? Sex is not so much of a taboo now-a-days that a happy home needs to be wrecked just cos it was taped............. (c'mon man.....)

Im not saying that the tape is the ONLY reason their getting divorced cos lord knows.... im not a fly-in-the-wall in their yard but ....... if it is the MAIN reason why can't they both get over it ..... marriage is about getting through the tough times..... ain't it??? Didn't they say for better or for worse???? Yea this is probably worse than you thought it may get but take one for the team man..... ok im off point anyhu.........

I just hate to see such a nice couple, that seem so well suited, ripped apart at the hands of some nobodies who have nothing better to do than ruin other peoples lives..... plus like I said sex tapes aren't that big of a deal anymore..... who hasn't got one???

Oh well, boys n gurls ............. i suppose the lesson we can all learn today is that you better think about the shit you do when your young before you do it..... cos it may just come back round one day and bit u in the ass................ or perhaps ........ ruin your whole life!!

Let me know what you guys think on the whole thing..... sex tapes? divorce? the lot! (comment below)

Cherie Amour

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