Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't mess wid her man! La La Vazquez takes a swing.....

I don't usually report this kinda stuff but this lil bit of info i came across did tickle me!

La La Vazquez, reality T.V. host and DJ, apparently swung for one of the Dallas fans at the Nuggets v. Mavericks game last night, whilst trying to watch her fiancee of 4 years, Carmelo Anthony, play ball. During a game that was overshadowed by verbal abuse from the stands and a whole lotta hostility........... she was asked to leave by security!

The funniest thing about this is that last night, at the same time she was trying to smash a bish........ i was watching her on "Charm School 3" as one of the judges (for those that don't know the show is about changing slutty women with no manners, into elegant young ladies with manners)............ I think the word HYPOCRITE should spring to mind. How you gona be lecturing these gurls from VH1's"Rock of Love 3" and "Real Chance of Love" on how to be a lady if you can't even control your damn self??

Anyways, there have been no reports that she actually connected............ unlike Beverly (Rock of Love 3) who "punched" Brittany Star (also of Rock of Love 3) in the back of the head and then grabbed her hair, only to end up expelled within hours of the show starting! I wonder if La La will also get the boot for failing to act like a lady and take the moral high road?? (I very much doubt it...... reality T.V. reveals everything except what happens in real life!)

Anyways I just thought i'd expose yet another falsity of reality T.V. not only is it all staged ...... no one is really looking for love and none of the contestants ever end up with the celeb...... but in addition the hosts are hypocrites.

Some might say her actions were justified, as she was apparently being verbally abused by the fans....... but somehow i don't think that trying to slap a bish is the right response...... do you???

Cherie Amour

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