Friday, May 22, 2009

Drake at SOB's in NYC

Just so you know what time it is. Drake, one of Lil Wayne's artists and one of the most popular underground artists at the moment, is going to be at SOB's this Tuesday.

Tickets have been SOLD OUT for at least two weeks!!! and this is a new talent showcase guys, NOT some main concert!!! That's how big he is rite now.

Anyhu check out the flyer....... i'm working on getting some exclusive pics for you guys....... so check back on the site next Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't mess wid her man! La La Vazquez takes a swing.....

I don't usually report this kinda stuff but this lil bit of info i came across did tickle me!

La La Vazquez, reality T.V. host and DJ, apparently swung for one of the Dallas fans at the Nuggets v. Mavericks game last night, whilst trying to watch her fiancee of 4 years, Carmelo Anthony, play ball. During a game that was overshadowed by verbal abuse from the stands and a whole lotta hostility........... she was asked to leave by security!

The funniest thing about this is that last night, at the same time she was trying to smash a bish........ i was watching her on "Charm School 3" as one of the judges (for those that don't know the show is about changing slutty women with no manners, into elegant young ladies with manners)............ I think the word HYPOCRITE should spring to mind. How you gona be lecturing these gurls from VH1's"Rock of Love 3" and "Real Chance of Love" on how to be a lady if you can't even control your damn self??

Anyways, there have been no reports that she actually connected............ unlike Beverly (Rock of Love 3) who "punched" Brittany Star (also of Rock of Love 3) in the back of the head and then grabbed her hair, only to end up expelled within hours of the show starting! I wonder if La La will also get the boot for failing to act like a lady and take the moral high road?? (I very much doubt it...... reality T.V. reveals everything except what happens in real life!)

Anyways I just thought i'd expose yet another falsity of reality T.V. not only is it all staged ...... no one is really looking for love and none of the contestants ever end up with the celeb...... but in addition the hosts are hypocrites.

Some might say her actions were justified, as she was apparently being verbally abused by the fans....... but somehow i don't think that trying to slap a bish is the right response...... do you???

Cherie Amour

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cassie: Empathise or .....roll your eyes?

Ok, when the news hit twitter last night at about 2am that there were naked pics of Cassie circulating around the internet I was locked in. At first it was the pic of her titties, one of which is pierced, and to be honest she had nothing to feel bad about cos shes small... but i gta say she has a nice pair! (no homo!) lol, Anyhu im not going to post the link cos if you haven't seen it already or can't find it then....... theres no hope for you......... cos there's such a thing as google!

Anyways.... Cassie put out a statement, on her twitter, mad quick, saying:


At this point I really felt for her. But then it just got worse...... a new one came out a few hours later. The image: CASSIE LAYING DOWN, LEGS SPREAD, vag-j-j all out n shit!! Unfortunately i have actually seen it ...................boi did i get more than i bargained for! My first thoughts were : errrgh! then....... "OMG i would be mortified".......... then "why the fuck would you even take a pic like that and send it to ANYONE??" especially if your famous??

You see this is the thing if your a celeb,........ you know people are NOT going to keep shit to themselves, you should just know better than to put yourself into this kind of a position (no pun intended!) I wanted to feel sorry for her, and i still do but i can't help but think that if you take these kind of pics and somehow they get out......... you kind of deserve it! Mainly because only a fool would ever think that they would never, in a million years, get out! One day that guy/gurl to took them for is gna get pissed at you or just be a little broke and BAM........ that's what happens!

Is it just me or do you share this feeling? Fair enough I haven't heard her complaining to much about it as yet, but I just think that you can't ask anyone to cry for you cos you did it to yourself kind of thing!

Anyway the EXTREMELY VALUABLE LESSON here is that, you should NEVER do anything that could come back to haunt you in the future! Think before you take pics of your vag for your boyfriend, cos no matter who you are............. you'll never know who you'll end up being and how it could affect.... and possibly RUIN you in the future.

As for Cassie, I hope there's no more to come, for her sake..... and mine! At least there's a silver lining....... she definately just topped Rhianna as the most talked about urban artist in the game! Kudos!

Let me know if you agree? Did she deserve it? or should we blame the evil mofo that was malicious enough to leak them? .................or did she leak them? I heard she got an album comin out this summer.......

Cherie Amour

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be a power couple!

So im flickin through some celeb news and i stumble across a couple that inspires me..... and unlike some (*coughs** Kelis n Nas) are NOT getting divorced (well not that i know of!).......Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith (pic by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) who were in Beverley Hills on Tuesday night at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Annual Tribute Dinner, along with the likes of Tyrses Gibbons and Charlize Theron.
See the thing I like about this couple is they are a power couple!! He is a strong, independent, go-getter, motivated man and she is a get-what-i-want, no messing, passionate, hard-working woman! Together this equals a power couple...... and you know what people.... the only way you can move up in this world and keep climbing that ladder, is to be with someone who is ready to help you to that next step and work with you to knock down the next barrier!

Here's my point, when your looking for someone to spend your life with, you need to see if they have the same goals you have...... no scratch that they need to have higher goals than yours!!! That way you know that the sky is the limit! It may be hard to understand or sound like im not making any real point when i put it this way.... but let put it in negative terms: If your with a guy that doesn't want to get his ass up and strive for more...... if he's content in that house, driving that car, having that job forever...... whilst you are fighting for a promotion when half the office are trying to stab you in the back and working in the mall so you can get that new Mercedes you've had you eye on........**NEWS FLASH** he is NOT the one for you.

If your a go-getter you need a go-getter.......... because your only aspiration should be, to be one half of a power-couple! (I'm not being funny but if your not that kind of a person..... gd luck to ya!.... cos lifes a bitch!) Here's the thing if you have to motivate him all the time...... that's energy that you could be using to better yourself...... essentially being wasted! (feel me?) Why would you want to have to wake someone up in the morning, when you could have someone wake you up and remind you to keep up the good work?

What i'm saying is that couples like Will and Jada will always be ahead of the game because two heads are better than one! As Neyo says "I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a FORCE when we're together.... la la la la make me better!" That's the point!!! in a relationship you have to be with someone that makes you a better person..... a stronger person.... a more successful person!

Anyhu the lesson in this is that if your in a relationship where a person can not make you better, and i'm not talking material things...... im not saying he gotta buy you a car!..... what I'm saying is if when you look at him/her and that persons actions you don't feel motivated or like you can go the extra mile..... then i think you have to ask yourself if you are limiting your growth? and if that is the kind of relationship you want to be in?!

Be a power couple...... cos when your down, at least you know there will be someone to pick you back up!

Cherie Amour

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gotti's wife has had enough......but when is enough, enough?

Last nyt I turned on the T.V. and found yet another reality show had managed to find its way to the air..... "Gotti's Way 2," not that i ever knew there was a "Gotti's Way 1," but whatever! Anyways I tuned in and gave it at least 60% of my attention to find that it was actually a little interesting, not because Irv Gotti is trying to re-establish himself as a hip hop mogul, but because of the obvious serious issues between him and his wife.

O.K. so get this..... first of all they have been SEPERATED for 7 YEARS!! Yes, i'm being dead serious! Apparently he comes at the weekend, to spend time with his kids, they play happy familys for a few days then he goes back to be a single, childless bachelor on Monday morning.

If you think that part was bad...... it gets WORSE......When he comes home at the weekends his wife, Debbie, actually allows him to sleep with her. Now at first I thought this woman is just a damn fool, becuase she knows and he is pretty open, (on the show) about sleeping around. But after I listened to her session in therapy, where she described her staying as being less about wanting to be with him, and more about "being afraid" to move on, I totally got her and felt her pain...... Seriously i nearly cried....... and this is just reality T.V.!!!!

So here's the thing I think that the show is worth watching and more importantly I think that there are millions of women both young and old who can learn something form this. I think that when you are in a relationship where you are staying because of a fear of leaving it is very important to face that fact. Don't sugar coat it and allow false hope to lure you into a land of limbo where he controls how you live your life.

Ladies if your with a guy, "for the children" i get it, hell if my parents were to ever split up i know i would beg them to stay together, even though i'm an adult AND i know its selfish....... so i respect those women who are just trying to make their family work, for the sake of all involved. However I think there's a point at which it becomes destructive. If you get to the point where he is sooo comfortable with you being THERE, just there, at his will that he doesn't even to pretend that he's working at it with you..... then you need to pick yoursef up, look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is really how you want to spend the rest of your life??

I'm pretty sure the answer will be no, and after that, its just a matter of staying strong. I think you have to just remember that love shouldn't cost you your dignity and your happiness!

If on the other hand you don't have kids, and your just like I love him...... and he's treating you like this, openly sleeping with other women, you need to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why exactly your still in that relationship? Please don't get it confused, if he cheats and you cheat and the relationship has "fringe benefits" for both of you...... DO YOU! but if on the other hand..... you get in at night and cry yourself to sleep, wake up in the morning and hate what you have been reduced to for love..... then i suggest that you write a list of all the things you are losing, missing out on and sacraficing everyday for this man...... then find a way out. Pin the list to your mirror and everytime you cry look at yourself dead in the eye, read that list......and you'll find yourself asking a new question: "Why am I crying?"

Hopefully you ladies and Deb will realise that a destructive relationship WILL destroy you! So you have a choice ......... be true to yourself ......or lose yourself!
Cherie Amour
**Pic courtesy of VH1**

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kelis and Nas....... and Divorce..... :o(

OK, so all day the only thing i have been seeing is this KELIS and NAS divorce thing! I tried to ignore it though its obviously true..... and when i saw divorce papers they made me cringe!!! For two reasons:

1, They were Hot Damn FABULOUS!!! they were one of the first DECENT black hip hop couples that I both respected and had on my ipod. They were cute together, drama free and seemed so happy..... they could almost convince you that there really was such thing as a happy ending.

2, They kept most of their ish private and kept it 100! Plus lets face it they looked good together and don't really deserve this kind of a breakup...... it just seems so messy and sordid!!

Anyhu i suppose the reality of being a superstar kicked in and...... the shit hit the fan! It appears that KELIS filed for the divorce after her and Nas could no longer hold it together due to the sex tape of Kelis and a nameless DJ was leaked (which she says was made before they were together.... and I believe her). I haven't seen the vid and obv would not want to..... I don't understand why anyone would do leak a video like that or even put it out there, when its clearly only going to have a destructive effect on peoples lives?? At least with Paris Hilton there was no way people could lose any more respect for her...... thus the release of that tape was totally beneficial to her!

Here's the thing.... it seems like this sex tape is one of the main reasons that they are having to get divorced..... thus one can legitimately assume that if SOME people were not soooo cruel and self centered and ........... evil (yea, that describes it) then maybe the child she is expecting could have grown up in a much different world to the one he/she will be welcomed into on July 21st (date she expected to have the lil sprog)

Its like........... their whole "irreconcilable" difference is the tape cos its caused Nas so much embarrassment but the thing is........ if its in the past and its out there already what difference does it make??? Seriously..... you already married her, you are going to have a child with her..... you will HAVE to accept that she will be connected to you through your child for the rest of your life..... like why can't you just let the past be the past and get over it??? Listen guys..... if ur wifey made a sex tape but has done 100 million good things since and your relationship is LIGE (legitimate for those not with the London slang) then why are you holdin it against her???? Sex is not so much of a taboo now-a-days that a happy home needs to be wrecked just cos it was taped............. (c'mon man.....)

Im not saying that the tape is the ONLY reason their getting divorced cos lord knows.... im not a fly-in-the-wall in their yard but ....... if it is the MAIN reason why can't they both get over it ..... marriage is about getting through the tough times..... ain't it??? Didn't they say for better or for worse???? Yea this is probably worse than you thought it may get but take one for the team man..... ok im off point anyhu.........

I just hate to see such a nice couple, that seem so well suited, ripped apart at the hands of some nobodies who have nothing better to do than ruin other peoples lives..... plus like I said sex tapes aren't that big of a deal anymore..... who hasn't got one???

Oh well, boys n gurls ............. i suppose the lesson we can all learn today is that you better think about the shit you do when your young before you do it..... cos it may just come back round one day and bit u in the ass................ or perhaps ........ ruin your whole life!!

Let me know what you guys think on the whole thing..... sex tapes? divorce? the lot! (comment below)

Cherie Amour
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