Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cassie: Empathise or .....roll your eyes?

Ok, when the news hit twitter last night at about 2am that there were naked pics of Cassie circulating around the internet I was locked in. At first it was the pic of her titties, one of which is pierced, and to be honest she had nothing to feel bad about cos shes small... but i gta say she has a nice pair! (no homo!) lol, Anyhu im not going to post the link cos if you haven't seen it already or can't find it then....... theres no hope for you......... cos there's such a thing as google!

Anyways.... Cassie put out a statement, on her twitter, mad quick, saying:


At this point I really felt for her. But then it just got worse...... a new one came out a few hours later. The image: CASSIE LAYING DOWN, LEGS SPREAD, vag-j-j all out n shit!! Unfortunately i have actually seen it ...................boi did i get more than i bargained for! My first thoughts were : errrgh! then....... "OMG i would be mortified".......... then "why the fuck would you even take a pic like that and send it to ANYONE??" especially if your famous??

You see this is the thing if your a celeb,........ you know people are NOT going to keep shit to themselves, you should just know better than to put yourself into this kind of a position (no pun intended!) I wanted to feel sorry for her, and i still do but i can't help but think that if you take these kind of pics and somehow they get out......... you kind of deserve it! Mainly because only a fool would ever think that they would never, in a million years, get out! One day that guy/gurl to took them for is gna get pissed at you or just be a little broke and BAM........ that's what happens!

Is it just me or do you share this feeling? Fair enough I haven't heard her complaining to much about it as yet, but I just think that you can't ask anyone to cry for you cos you did it to yourself kind of thing!

Anyway the EXTREMELY VALUABLE LESSON here is that, you should NEVER do anything that could come back to haunt you in the future! Think before you take pics of your vag for your boyfriend, cos no matter who you are............. you'll never know who you'll end up being and how it could affect.... and possibly RUIN you in the future.

As for Cassie, I hope there's no more to come, for her sake..... and mine! At least there's a silver lining....... she definately just topped Rhianna as the most talked about urban artist in the game! Kudos!

Let me know if you agree? Did she deserve it? or should we blame the evil mofo that was malicious enough to leak them? .................or did she leak them? I heard she got an album comin out this summer.......

Cherie Amour

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