Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be a power couple!

So im flickin through some celeb news and i stumble across a couple that inspires me..... and unlike some (*coughs** Kelis n Nas) are NOT getting divorced (well not that i know of!).......Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith (pic by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) who were in Beverley Hills on Tuesday night at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Annual Tribute Dinner, along with the likes of Tyrses Gibbons and Charlize Theron.
See the thing I like about this couple is they are a power couple!! He is a strong, independent, go-getter, motivated man and she is a get-what-i-want, no messing, passionate, hard-working woman! Together this equals a power couple...... and you know what people.... the only way you can move up in this world and keep climbing that ladder, is to be with someone who is ready to help you to that next step and work with you to knock down the next barrier!

Here's my point, when your looking for someone to spend your life with, you need to see if they have the same goals you have...... no scratch that they need to have higher goals than yours!!! That way you know that the sky is the limit! It may be hard to understand or sound like im not making any real point when i put it this way.... but let put it in negative terms: If your with a guy that doesn't want to get his ass up and strive for more...... if he's content in that house, driving that car, having that job forever...... whilst you are fighting for a promotion when half the office are trying to stab you in the back and working in the mall so you can get that new Mercedes you've had you eye on........**NEWS FLASH** he is NOT the one for you.

If your a go-getter you need a go-getter.......... because your only aspiration should be, to be one half of a power-couple! (I'm not being funny but if your not that kind of a person..... gd luck to ya!.... cos lifes a bitch!) Here's the thing if you have to motivate him all the time...... that's energy that you could be using to better yourself...... essentially being wasted! (feel me?) Why would you want to have to wake someone up in the morning, when you could have someone wake you up and remind you to keep up the good work?

What i'm saying is that couples like Will and Jada will always be ahead of the game because two heads are better than one! As Neyo says "I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a FORCE when we're together.... la la la la make me better!" That's the point!!! in a relationship you have to be with someone that makes you a better person..... a stronger person.... a more successful person!

Anyhu the lesson in this is that if your in a relationship where a person can not make you better, and i'm not talking material things...... im not saying he gotta buy you a car!..... what I'm saying is if when you look at him/her and that persons actions you don't feel motivated or like you can go the extra mile..... then i think you have to ask yourself if you are limiting your growth? and if that is the kind of relationship you want to be in?!

Be a power couple...... cos when your down, at least you know there will be someone to pick you back up!

Cherie Amour

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